Hecate Limited Edition Pillar Candle


Hekate, Queen of Ghosts limited edition is a black candle. It’s scent it soft honeysuckle. It is 2 1/2″ dia x 6 1/2″ hgt and burns for 80 hours. Hekate is the keeper of the crossroads where we bring our confusions and illusions. She will help us dig deep into our shadow to find the truth. She is also caretaker of the dead, helping them to traverse from the world of the living to the astral realms.
“I call to Hekate, Queen of Ghosts to walk with me upon my crossroads. Protect this vulnerable moment in life from the evil that would take hold and steal away my hope and magic. Walk with me through my shadows to gain the wisdom I have hidden there. Help me navigate the roads of heaven, earth and the underworld so I may return to my life, stronger and wiser for the journey.”

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