India Temple Incense

India Temple Incense: A portion of the proceeds from the manufacturer’s sale of this product goes toward the Song of India Association that helps needy children in India. In the year 2011 they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the charity.A portion of the sales of India Temple products goes to support over 30 underprivileged boys and girls in the villages of Rajasthan. With your help, they are able to provide these children everything they need to succeed in their education. This includes but is not limited to their school books, school supplies, school fees, uniforms, shoes, extra tutoring, medical and eye exams. They have promised these children that they will continue to receive help from the charity as long as they continue their education. We are proud that some students have graduated high school and are continuing on to higher education. One student is studying for his CPA certification while two others are¬†preparing for engineering college entrance exams. These three students have become role models for the younger children to look up to. All “Song of India” children have taken the oath “I will help at least one poor child in his/her education after I become self-dependent”.¬†All the organizers involved are volunteers who are helping these children in their native villages.