Soaps and Bath Bombs

Soaps: Non-drying cold processed vegetable soaps, the way soap is supposed to be made!

Bombs: Highly scented, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) based with skin softening oils and a minimum of coloring.

Soap bars are hand crafted and vegetable based. Certified Organic ingredients are used whenever possible (noted) and all dyes are natural ingredients such as clays. Please read ingredients and descriptions carefully, some are made with essential oils and some with fragrance oils. All are cold processed and WILL LATHER, these are not glycerin craft soaps. Much easier on the skin and non- drying or stripping, they can also be used on body, hair and beards. Give them a week-long trial, then go back to your “regular” soap and feel the difference. Especially good here in our desert with it’s hard water!

Square styles are 3.5 in. x 2 in. x 1 in. each and have been top trimmed, giving a very square and finished appearance, along with a uniform size, on each bar. All of these bars are certified 85% organic and are made with essential oils only.

Slab styles are approx. and 4-5 oz. each. Square cut on three sides with a rough top, allowing a little more soap per bar but a slightly less finished appearance.


Contact us if you require more than 50 bars or bombs of any type. Custom orders may take up to three weeks to complete. Square varieties can also be cut into 1 oz. hotel sized sample bars, which are individually boxed and labeled, perfect for guests, party favors, festival handouts, and B&B type operations. Minimum order for 1 oz. bars are 144 bars, some mixing of scent types available.
Please contact us for this offer availability and pricing.

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